Basalt Rock with Two Bronze Ravens

ravensPeter Woytuk (b.1958)
Basalt Rock with Two Bronze Ravens
Bronze and stone, unique
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Questions to consider when visiting Peter Woytuk’s sculpture Basalt Rock with Two Bronze Ravens:

  • How has the artist paired the ravens and the stone structure they are standing on? Are the materials the same? Do you feel that they work together? Why or why not?
  • Where do you have to stand to get the best view of the ravens? Does it change the way you interact with the sculpture?
  • What are the ravens doing? Does this seem like something ravens would do in real life?
  • Does this look like the ravens’ natural environment? Why or why not?

About the Artist

Peter Woytuk grew up among art and architecture. His mother was an artist and his father was an architect. His artwork toys with natural forms and the positive and negative space between them. Woytuk enjoys sculpting birds, particularly ravens because of their playful nature.


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