RustyJoe Barrington (b.1957)
Untitled (Rusty)
Welded steel
Gift of the artist

Questions to consider when visiting Joe Barrington’s sculpture Untitled (Rusty):

  • What kind of animal is Rusty?
  • Why do you think the artist decided on Rusty as his subject for the sculpture?
  • Why do you think the artist made Rusty so large?
  • This sculpture is really Untitled, but the longhorn is affectionately called Rusty at the Museum. How do you think Rusty got his name?
  • Is Rusty realistic? Why or why not?

About the Artist

Joe Barrington is a sculptor who employs a sense of humor along with his welding torch. His sculpture is drawn from a lifetime of living in rural Texas, with its people, animals and folklore all being an integral part of the tales he shares with his viewers.

Scale is an important artistic consideration in creating sculpture and the nine foot height of this piece emphasizes the overarching importance of cattle in the history of Texas.


Where To Find Us

Museum of the Southwest
1705 W. Missouri Ave.
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