Woody Crumbo: Pan-Indian Powwow

Eagle Dancer

February 26 through April 11, 2021

Eagle Dancer
ca. 1945-1950
Screen print
Museum of the Southwest's permanent collection.

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In Woody Crumbo: Pan-Indian Powwow eleven different varieties of Indigenous American dance are showcased. Woody Crumbo’s vibrant screen prints bring these dances, each with its own unique history and tribal tradition, to life.

From the Indian Removal Act to the Dawes Act, the 19th century saw the systematic removal of Indigenous Americans from their ancestral lands and the creation of consolidated reservations. This concentration of once far-ranging tribes led to an intermingling of culture and custom.

Pan-Indianism refers both to the forced merger of Indigenous American cultures and to the solidarity shown by those cultures in striving to keep their shared traditions alive.

Powwows are social gatherings in which Indigenous people celebrate their culture through music, dance, and other forms of artistic expression.

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