Audubon's Quadrupeds of North America

Audubon 1993.003.001On view through August 20
Wagner Galleries

John Woodhouse Audubon
Nine-Banded Armadillo, Male
Audubon Acquisition Fund

In the late 1830s, as the details were being finalized for the completion of his monumental Birds of America project, Audubon began to collect material for an equally impressive study of North American animals. The Quadrupeds proved more difficult than he had anticipated, as many native animals were nocturnal and their habits were hard to learn.  


Audubon Quadrupeds FB Event Header VidLike his Birds of America, the Quadrupeds are wonderfully animated, expertly executed and beautifully printed in a large 22”x 28” format. According to experts, only 300 complete sets of 150 images were sold by subscription, making the works very rare. Audubon’s Animals of North America is a unique opportunity to view Audubon's lithographic works and to appreciate his skills as an artist, observer and interpreter of nature. The exhibition includes many glamorous and popular animals including the Ocelot, Jaguar, Texas Lynx, Grizzly bear, Virginia opossum, and Prong-horned Antelope.








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