Work from Home: Collections of the Museum Staff

ChadbourneMay 13 - June 18
F. Marie Hall Special Projects Gallery

Danville Chadbourne
The Skin of Contemplation
Ink and acrylic on paper, acrylic on wood
On loan from private collection

This exhibition is a continuation of a series that began with Museum of the Southwest staff’s favorite art. It started in 2014 with Favoritism: Selections from the Museum Staff, a pop-up exhibition featuring staff picks from the Museum of the Southwest permanent collection. It continued in 2015 with an exhibition in the Durham Children’s Museum titled We Create, which showcased the artwork and creations of staff members. In 2017, The Discerning Eye: Selections from Midland’s Art Collections exhibited on a similar theme, art collections from the community of Midland. We now present the next iteration of that theme, Work from Home: Collections of the Museum Staff, which will feature the private collections belonging to Museum of the Southwest staff. Work from Home will include a wide variety of media and subject matter– a dynamic way to kick off the summer.

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