Katherine E. Bash, The Light of Consciousness: Part I

KEBash WheelofFire 2016August 20 – October 23
Concho Resources Inc. Gallery
and Wagner Galleries
Co-curated by Pujan Gandhi

Members' Opening Reception
Friday, August 19 @ 6 - 7:30 pm

Walk-Through with the Artist
Saturday, August 20 @ 11 am

Katherine E. Bash
Wheel of Fire
On loan from artist

Exhibition made possible by Kennedy Minerals, Ltd.

“A path, a journey, into the place where perception takes place, where perception can make a place exist, where before or without the act of perception it might not have existed. What lies beyond what we can actually perceive? Does a place exist if we are not there to experience it? What if that which is being experienced, is an image, a photograph, how much of what we see is a reflection of what we are?”
          —Katherine E. Bash

The Light of Consciousness: Part I is a multi-layered installation composed as a journey through both interior and exterior landscapes consisting of photographs, an artist publication as companion guide and a reading performance by Midland-raised, London-based artist poet, Katherine E. Bash.

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