Margarita Cabrera

Margarita Cabrera SMALLNovember 20 – December 30, 2014
Here and Now Gallery

Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2014:
Texas NEWS (North, East, West, South)

Margarita Cabrera
Arbol de la Vida John Deere Model 790.
Ceramic, slip paint and steel hardware.

Contemporary Artist Series 2014: Texas NEWS (North, East, West, South)
The 2014 Contemporary Artist Series examines diverse artists in the Texas arts scene.  The media they work in range from tiny drawings to giant paintings, along with printmaking and multimedia installations.

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Margarita Cabrera - West

El Paso-based artist Margarita Cabrera’s work involves developing relationships with artistic groups and cooperatives, which she then brings into her own casino online practice. Best known for her soft sculptures, she is also heavily involved in art as social practice. Her work has always involved US-Mexico relations, as well as indigenous Mexican folk art and craft traditions and active investigations into the creation of just working conditions and the protection of immigrant rights.

“I create sculptures made out of mediums ranging from vinyl, fabric and ceramic that replicate specific objects that hold a significant meaning to the culture. My work has centered on social-political issues within communities addressing different aspects of immigration, violence and the economic relationship between the United States and Mexico.” 

—Margarita Cabrera


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