Orna Feinstein

Orna FeinsteinSeptember 26 – November 9, 2014
Here and Now Gallery

Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2014:
Texas NEWS (North, East, West, South)

Orna Feinstein
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Contemporary Artist Series 2014: Texas NEWS (North, East, West, South)
The 2014 Contemporary Artist Series examines diverse artists in the Texas arts scene.  The media they work in range from tiny drawings to giant paintings, along with printmaking and multimedia installations.

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Orna Feinstein - East

Houston-based artist Orna Feinstein specializes in monoprints and other mixed media. Her art is inspired by the interior geometry of the organic, the concentric patterns of tree rings or the cellular structure of a plant when observed under a microscope. In this new body of work, she fuses the traditional medium of printmaking with a contemporary approach that transforms twodimensional monoprints into intricately layered, threedimensional multimedia works, as well as into kinetic sculptures and installations, activated either by the viewer physically turning a handle or simply moving around the gallery space.

“My journey begins with an observation of nature and images of organic geometries as seen under the microscope. My ideas are calculated and intuitive. My affinity is for process and material. The desire to invent and renew, let the process and material dictate some rules, allowing serendipity to take a role in the end result.”

—Orna Feinstein


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