Kathy Sosa's Identidad

Kathy Sosa RockNRollApril 5 – June 27, 2014
Here and Now Gallery

Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2014:
Texas NEWS (North, East, West, South)

Kathy Sosa
Rock n Roll on My Mind 
Oil on canvas

This exhibition is organized by:
Katharine T. Carter & Associates. 

Contemporary Artist Series 2014: Texas NEWS (North, East, West, South)

The 2014 Contemporary Artist Series examines diverse artists in the Texas arts scene.  The media they work in range from tiny drawings to giant paintings, along with printmaking and multimedia installations.

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Kathy Sosa - South
San Antonio-based artist Kathy Sosa creates intensely colored and patterned art that draws upon the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Guatemala. Her paintings, which often focus on women, incorporate traditional textiles, garments and folk art objects.

“I explore the territory known as Borderland. It’s a colorful, joyous place where the confluence of cultures creates something new. A blended culture, a blended language, a blended cuisine, even a blended sense of self. Many women where I live search out and use the textiles, costumes and folk art forms from the regions of their ancestors as a way of celebrating their indigenous roots. Others seek them simply for their beauty. Either way, the relationship of women to culturally rich, meaningful objects is immensely rewarding, and offers a bountiful imagery that I never tire of expressing.”

                    —KATHY SOSA

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