AVFSFrom the Earth to the Solar System
June 1 through September 9, 2012
Fredda Turner Durham Children's Museum,
Marian Blakemore Planetarium and Grounds

Sun Globe 2

In conjunction with A View from Space, a selection of photographs from NASA’s From the Earth to the Solar System (FETTSS) will be displayed at the Blakemore Planetarium, the Durham Children’s Museum and on the Museum grounds. FETTSS, a collaborative effort led by Daniella Scalice and Julie Fletcher of the NASA Astrobiology Program, is a photography exhibition that showcases the excitement of planetary exploration. The images are both artistic and informative, merging together themes in astrobiology, planetary science and astronomy. Including contributions from backyard astronomers, large telescopes in space, and even point-and-shoot cameras of field researchers, the collection represents the current state of exploration as seen through the eyes of the scientific community.


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