William Stone - Pueblo del Arroyo and LightningWilliam Stone
A Venerable Landscape:
The Ancient Southwest

Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2012: "Tribal Stories"
June 8 – August 26, 2012
Here and Now Gallery

William Stone
Pueblo del Arroyo and Lightning

Contemporary Artist Series 2012: "Tribal Stories"
This series is comprised of stories told either by or about Native American Indians using a variety of contemporary and traditional media.  This series is made possible by the Arts Council of Midland.

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William Stone
William Stone specializes in documenting the landscapes and ancient cultures of the American Southwest. Working primarily with large-format photographic equipment, he travels the Four Corners country in an effort to record the moments when light and form evoke the beauty and drama of the region.  His images are often used to support many environmental efforts, including those of the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and the Four Corners School of Outdoor Education.

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