Nathan Youngblood Assymetrical tri color with medallions1aNathan Youngblood,
Ancient Art, Modern Vision

Part of Contemporary Artist Series 2012: "Tribal Stories"
September 14 – October 21, 2012
Here and Now Gallery

Nathan Youngblood
Asymmetrical Tricolor Jar with Medallions

Contemporary Artist Series 2012: "Tribal Stories"
This series is comprised of stories told either by or about Native American Indians using a variety of contemporary and traditional media.  This series is made possible by the Arts Council of Midland.

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Nathan Youngblood
Nathan Youngblood is a sixth generation potter who learned to make pottery by watching his mother and grandparents who taught him, “The clay is a gift; it is a privilege that the Clay Mother gives us, and we are very fortunate.  You can’t be good if you just play with it.  You have to totally commit yourself.” He continually works to redefine what makes Pueblo pottery unique with technical superiority, innovative shapes and traditional designs combined with an original contemporary presentation. Youngblood adheres to all the traditional aspects of completing piece, carefully following each step taught him by his ancestors.

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