BELLA GAIA (Beautiful Earth)

Bella GaiaBella Gaia tells the story of our planet Earth through art, science, and music. With a stunning combination of satellite images, artist graphics, and an original musical score, Bella Gaia explores our planet in three parts.  First, the natural patterns found on our planet that make it appear to be a living, breathing planet when viewed from outer space.  Second, the ways in which we as humans have interacted with the Earth and the stars throughout time and cultures.  And third, the human impact we have had on our planet, both good and bad.  Enhanced with comments from astronauts from around the world, Bella Gaia illuminates the beauty of our planet and the interconnectedness of all things on Earth.

25 minutes

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Where To Find Us

Museum of the Southwest
1705 W. Missouri Ave.
Midland, TX 79701